The 10-Step Buying Process at Property Visionaries

Oct 05, 2023

Step 1: Free 30 minutes Strategy Session

Where we discuss your current financial situation, investing goals and how we can help you achieve them!

Step 2: Engagement

We will organise the:
- Buyers Agent Agreement
- Identification
- Upfront Fee Payment and
- Confirmation of purchasing power

Step 3: Buyer's Brief

Approx.1 Hour Session where we evaluate your maximum purchase price, strategy, focus suburbs, property specific criteria and any red flags to avoid.

Step 4: Shortlisting

- We shortlist properties in-line with your Buyer's Brief.
- We will estimate their purchase price, rental yield and value add potential.

You will receive inspection photos, flood reports and comparable market analysis.

Step 5: Purchase Analysis

We can stress test rents and interest rates in detail to confirm a deal's quality.

Step 6: Negotiations

 As your Buyers' Agent, we will negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible deal. We act in your best interest and look to create win-win outcomes.

Step 7: Building and Pest Inspection

- We can organise and attend the building and pest inspection on your behalf.
- We regularly negotiate discounts based on the reports findings.

Step 8: Completion

- We will conduct a pre-settlement inspection to ensure the property is ready for handover.
- We will guide you through any questions or concerns ahead of settlement.

Step 9: Management

If required, we can recommend experienced, local property managers to assist with the advertising, tenant selection and management of your new investment property.

Property Visionaries is only paid by our Clients and we do not accept referral fees.

Step 10: Revaluate

After you've purchased a property, we're still only an email or phone call away to discuss your finances, portfolio plan and everything in between!

Feel free to call Property Visionaries team at 0425 405 504 or book in your FREE 30 minutes Strategy Session to discuss your investment goals and property requirements by clicking on the link below.